What we do

Audiominutes now supports video and makes it easy to webcast public meetings over the Internet and present recordings for later playback or review.

Audiominutes has been designed to meet most requirements, however our flexible approach means that we can configure all aspects of the system to suit your specific requirements if necessary.  Our service is backed up by a comprehensive service level agreement.

Alternatively, you can use the service free of charge by simply signing up for an account and following the set up instructions provided. You can connect your audio source to your own Android phone or suitable tablet and start webcasting.

Audiominutes is driven by a flexible set of APIs, the supporting software for which is available as open source, so you can develop your own web pages that incorporate the live stream and audio recordings.

Meet the team

Audiominutes is part of Confabulate Limited

Antony Redfern

Pays the bills

Matthew Paradis

Conjures up the code

Malik Amir Hamza