Here are some questions that we get the feeling that you might ask at some point

How many people can listen to my broadcast at the same time?

There is no physical limit, we’ll add more bandwidth as required up to 1,000 max per stream

Is my audio safe with you?

Yes, we’ll look after it with regular back-ups and decent security

Do listeners need any special software?

No, just an up-to-date browser

I’ve not added chapter tags to my recording can I do that later?

Yes, you can add chapter tags at any time, please log into the customer portal and follow the offline tagging instructions

How do I report a bug?

please email support@audiominutes.com

How do I set-up a new meeting?

If you are not using a supported agenda management provider, prepare your agenda in the required format. Login to your account and follow the upload instructions

How do I publish a new meeting?

Log into your dashboard and select the meeting you want to publish then select ‘publish’

How do I recover my password?

Please select the ‘forgotten password’ link

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