UK Pricing only – for pricing outside the UK please contact your local distributor

Lite Version
for Town and Parish Councils

£150 to £500*Low annual fee - no set-up costs

  • For Local Councils only
  • Meeting and Agenda upload by email
  • Up to 50 simultaneous listeners
  • Hosted live and playback page included
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Upgrade path to supported version
  • * Pricing varies based on precept


£100*Per meeting

  • Live Streaming and archiving
  • NEW! – Unlimited simultaneous listeners
  • Local back up archive stored locally
  • On-line recordings archive (50 hours)
  • Meetings available from archive for 12 months
  • Detailed analytics number of listeners displayed
  • * Plus Subscription of £50 per month

Supported Version

£325per month (unlimited meetings)

  • Live Streaming and archiving
  • Unlimited simultaneous listeners
  • On-line recordings archive (500 hours) and continuous back up stored locally
  • Detailed analytics number of listeners displayed
  • Monthly maintenance and support contract
  • Service Level Agreements