Adding your own audio recording to Audiominutes

A situation may arise where you need to add audio to your Audiominutes archive. You can do this yourself by following these steps:

  1. You need to create a ‘dummy recording’ of the meeting you wish to add to Audiominutes – this will add a new mp3 file in the Audiominutes folder on your tablet.
  2. Take the audio file that you’ve created elsewhere (in MP3 format – Google how to change formats if it’s not already in MP3) and rename it to the exactly the same name as the Audiominutes file (created in step 1 above).
  3. Move the renamed file to the Audiominutes folder on your tablet. (download a File Manager application to do this)
  4. In the Audiominutes application file manager, upload this file to Audiominutes.
  5. Go to the and check that the new file has been uploaded correctly.
  6. Publish the meeting.

Note: We only display meetings with a date of up to 7 days in the past to 30 days in the future, so you only have 7 days to complete this process after the meeting date.

Note: This approach will work when using a committee management system such as mod gov or CMIS and if you are using our email meeting set-up system.

(Please let me know if these instructions are in any way unclear as we’d like to know – thanks)