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ok before we enter the meeting proper we have a fear of public speaking and we have some who’s registered to speak today and that is Dr Jean Johnson would you like to come for you already I was good and the floor is yours ok thank you I hope you can hear me I’m speaking on behalf of all residents of stained cottages which is near St Paul Priory Start Hill at various times this is been in the constituencies of Broadoak the Hallingbury and take the members particulars on the planning committee will be aware of the continuing controversy surrounding the temporary planning permission was granted for the sighting of a static mobile homes at an adjacent property called cranwellian I now wish to make the entire Council aware of a recent Ombudsman decision concerning this permission

from the beginning resident for seriously concerned about the way this application was being handled sorry but felt vilified and branded as news says Mummy Dead 2 challenge off of the District Council the CEO told of categorically and writing that if we did not agree with the process we should go to the ombudsman is edict with subsequently used as an excuse to ignore where’s the CEO even wrote to a parish council and said the decision was reached properly and in accordance with good practice and procedure Ombudsman disagreed following a lengthy investigation he has no rules he said they can’t handle the application with fault the decision turn on my view of best practice informed by taking expert planning advice

he stated that the council should have attained more information before deciding the application and he went on to say that there is a real prospect with all the information coming to light now that officers and councillors might have reached a different view and therefore a different decision he has insisted that a notice placed on the planning file to record his decision he has also require the counsel to advise all it’s planning offices of his view on this practice and what the ombudsman might expect in similar circumstances during the course of this we had also submitted an foi request to uttlesford prior to the planning committee hearing this was to inform us and to help us develop a case it’s subsequently came to light that information relevant this planning application had been quite wrongly withheld

follows a complaint to the information commissioner resulted in an apology by appleford a change in its policy and additional staff training sadly this was too little too late the question must be raised as to whether this catalogue of errors related to Justice one property and one application or whether there are systemic failings to let Oxford District Council it raises questions concerning training for officers and councillors about what is best practice in planning matters particularly we’re cancelling a Reliant upon the integrity of offices to buy them accurately when making a reversible planning decisions quite frankly council of the left to face the rap when officers get it badly wrong although the ombudsman has required the council to apologise an offer small financial recompense to us this is not a dress

stressful and costly situation in which we find ourselves the ombudsman is unable to deal with the scandalous events preceding this application because it’s outside of jurisdiction many associated matters continue to remain unresolved my purpose in telling you this is to ensure that all counselors are made aware of the outcome of admission to the ombudsman and the information commissioner and put on record the flagrant disregard that we feel the council of demonstrated to those most affected by their failures the financial cost to us as not been in considerable then we have already put the council on notice that we intend to recover that is the most importantly we hope that no other residents of uttlesford will have to endure what we have in George and continue to endure for the support Theobald future thank you

thank you. Johnson and now call on Kusadasi wishes do they speak

thanks chairman chairman members I stand before you this evening in this public speaking part of the meeting to have my support to what you have just heard from Dr Jean Johnson I want to put on record my disquiet and discussed at the way that this authority in company with other statutory authorities has been utterly useless in matters of planning and or enforcement in relation to physical changes of the property adjacent to her property in essence this Council with others has permitted an important drainage ditch to be filled in allowing the land in Whitstable situated to be raised by Sam 80cm on average I turn off repeat it is largely ignored the fact that in excess of 100 lorry loads of developers muck Away has been imported to achieve this and try to argue that fell

kitchens including arsenic lead and benzopyrene included in the microwave present no hazard to the land and neighbouring land it is ignored the fact that water goes downhill and if you remove a drainage ditch between properties and raise the land on one side then some water will end up flooding onto the now lower adjacent property not content with this in Action when trying

made it clear that other information had been withheld when it should not have been withheld udc challenge the freedom of information commissioner finding but Dr Johnson appeared at which point udc accepted it was at fault in a huge effort for local residents Dr Johnson and a neighbour Maidstone us efforts to ensure that all relevant information was placed in front of Chancellors of the planning committee are current chairman of the council and I have tried on several occasions to get some kind of enforcement action undertaken all without success Dr Johnson has successfully repaired problems encountered to the information commissioner and 2

local government Ombudsman referral to resulted in finding largely in her favour however there is a minor perhaps pyrrhic victory in themselves because unless there is some kind of physical action taken to restore normality to the properties concerned they had including the property where the problems with created have become virtually unsaleable has any proper sale process will necessarily displays the other media to problems and hence the Legacy I am mindful of the fact that there is currently a further planning approval for the sight Concern which is subject to discharge of conditions before it can be implemented as a stock price on that they’re minute although this is currently to be preventing the approval process for preceding it is no way correctly unsatisfactory situation that has been allowed to happen I called upon uttlesford District Council to display

the findings of the information commission and the local government Ombudsman do all councillors appoint a subcommittee of councillors with appropriate experience to review the findings of the information commissioner and the local government ombudsman and to check that remedies are in place within the council to ensure similar issues do not arise in the future

to try all possible means to engage with other statutory authorities including Essex County Council and the environment Agency with a view to resolving with that most expediency the problems caused by filling in the drainage ditch and the raising of the Land compounded by the fact of pollutants introduce on to the land resident should also be involved whenever possible and finally to strive to improve the experience of residents who have dealings with this Council but I bring a greater clarity to procedures and exchanges between parties and wherever possible removing obfuscation 7 members thank you for your time thank you cancel a chance um thank you Dr Johnson

ok right now I’m going to move on to the meeting proper and apologies for absence declarations of Interest I have purchased from castle Terrace fix Lisburn and Castlereagh she was actually here

admirable thank you it’s also before we have the decorations of Interest is also a great pleasure to see counsellor Waters back at declarations of interest

there are no good to approve the minutes of the annual meeting held on the 13th of May I won’t go to a Facebook page I’m just allow you to identify any any corrections

there are none straight here I will be at Simon’s minutes on three matters arising from those minutes

are you waiting for you to go page by page for you just going to ct13 Mr Chairman on the page 9 when it was announced at the last meeting that Stephen Joyce was leaving it was it was not so clear to me that are a permanent replacement I was not processed repayment replacement was not being put in place immediately I am concerned that are one of our key officers who I might say it was a great competence and integrity and who sent the header strategic approach to finance is is leaving without a permanent replacement van already been put in place

yeah I think he was one of those people who when necessary still have two members who tried to politicise finance and I think that was that was a good thing I’m very disappointed to hear the word subsequently hear that no recruitment has been put in place where I’m going to be running into the autumn then we’ve we’ve got out at the end of the council coming up next year and I just like some clarifications to first of all why that hasn’t been put in place and what’s going to be done to fill that place Lord vacancy

it’s not conventional to take questions general I will rejoice left

the last time services last week or the week before I have sent an email to all members and all the stuff around interim arrangements I am not rushing into a decision about replacement as council has a history of the Pointing excellent finance staff and also some other ones and I do not want to be the one who appoints one of the other ones and so I’m putting interim arrangements in place for the time being Tesco Bawtry have a new leader being elected today I just want to see how the council’s policy involves so that we structure around that and there are also many other strategies happening as well so there are into arrangement in place which are all aware of and you have an item later on the agenda about department of a section 151 officer the weather is very sociable and it’s already done the job in the past with grey scale survey that that’s a position so that doesn’t mean I’m not going to recruit there in two arrangements in place and I’ll test the water and take my time thank you gym thank you cancel account

thank you chairman I can’t see it anywhere else from the agenda in response to one of the minutes I would just like to say how very much I enjoyed the Tour de France I walked to Felsted to watch it’s a very great thank you to everyone on the council who is involved in its organisation it’s thoroughly enjoyed it I’m sure millions of others good to thank you

are there any other matters arising

Castle Germany fine I’ll just just like to reply to a councillor Dean and as much as I believe chief executive it is one of the statutory duties of this Council to have a section 151

Mr Joyce had the opportunity of the job that he had he moved fairly quickly to that new posts which is entitled to obviously in conjunction with the offices of the council and we have to we have to have a Statutory 151 officer should you fast this question in six months time then perhaps it would have been appropriate for this is inappropriate this particular time because we have to have a Statutory 151 officer thank you Mr Chairman thank you are the other matters arising

excellent and me now move 2 matches Saturday but item for resignation of the leader of the council and outgoings remarks Council Kettering thank you very much Mr Chairman members as I indicated that the annual council meeting in may I do not propose to stand for election District Council next year so therefore felt it appropriate to stand down before that time as leader of the council to allow a new leader from the conservative group the opportunity to get to grips with the role in advance the elections in May 2015 I am today also stepping down as leader of the Conservative group has that leads to the other

I be leader of the Conservative group for the past 11 years the first four years as leader of the opposition to Liberal Democrats administration

I became leader of the council in 2007 when following the elections in that year the Liberal Democrats lost considerable ground and a conservative administration was formed I don’t think it’s an understatement to say the present administration has had to deal with the most difficult period in the council history we inherited a very serious financial crisis with a failed budget supplier predecessors and the first few months with a set with seemingly Evermore of Revelations a third of black holes in the council’s finances we were even mentioned in Parliament at that time as a council at risk of financial collapse report health anniversary number resources and set up a voluntary improvement board included in which were number of Representatives of outside agencies including the Audit commission we set about changing the management structure of the council and a spending culture that it existed however it hurts I can go to set illegal budget for 2008/9 we had to remove 1 million pound from a staffing costs

and in order to achieve this before the commencement the new budget year because of statutory processes we had to Sutton train the same in December 2007 just before Christmas please were indeed dark days brassed Off

it’s a very oversimplified synopsis of that time but a new management structure led by John Mitchell and the staff of this Council achieved amazing results in devising new ways of operating our services a team of volunteers from the Council staff led by Adrian Webb who are taking on the mantle of the section 151 officer wrote about many changes and 2008 sort of very different Council emergency Ashes an essential part of the key to this recovery was the way in which members of the council work with our offices this mutual cooperation is key to the success of any council and particularly key to that is the working relationship between the leader and the Chief Executive

what are the early changes I made was the move the leaders office from a small room just outside of this chamber to a newly vacated office next door to the chief executive as I believe that it was important for the elected administration was at the heart of the council’s operations that is it Roll

the work that was done in 2007/2008 butchers in much better shape to deal with the global financial crash in 2009 which self setting train year on year reduction in government grant to local authorities as efforts were made to reduce National indebtedness

one of the many changes that were brought about the Devolution of Gardens and all the other appropriate assets to town and parish councils that’s rectifying a few of what in my opinion were the mistakes in the construction of responsibilities an asset following reorganisation of local government in 1974 it is satisfying to be the leader of a council that does not increase that share that take a council tax for the past 4 years and has cut council tax for the past two years I record many councils wish there in a position so to do we’re also in a position to have one of those generous council tax support schemes in the region forming the abandonment of the government control council tax discount scheme will also increase year on year financial support for voluntary and community organisations in recognition of the important part they play in our district in fact unprecedented amount of money have been allocated to Communities by way of Grant funding

during this time we’ve had the effects of support of Steven Joyce it’s just been referred to it in an earlier question section 151 officer who buy his construction of financial reports made complex local government finances more understandable by members and the public alike Steven has recently left us to go onto other things but his Legacy remains and I commend you members to the statement of accounts which you will just have just received which is a classic example of the work that Stephen did and indeed I commend you to the fact that I think this is the seventh year we have fun had a favourable variance for Communities and understand and I think that term I think that’s something we should be proud of Africa District Council planning for a future where they will be little or no core funding from government for local authorities and to this phone to this end is continuous driving to find ever

efficient ways of operating hours services the whole of the periods of 2007 that’s also seen the progress of a new local plan we like every Planning Authority in the country and seen the goal post moved so many times can I. Buy both the Labour and coalition government but at last and before many of our neighbours we have now on the 4th of July 2014 submitted our local plan to the planning inspectorate fruits amination we hope we will achieve adoption that plan in the late autumn in referring to the local plan we must have the district and a country except that we must be supporting local people who cannot afford to get on the housing ladder give her some of the problems from Family Mosaic earlier and the proposals we have made help to support that aim as well as a small amount of new counseling but we for the council because of improved financial position are able to build

I could speak for ages when I just said but I’m conscious of the agenda we have before us this evening but recommend you to have corporate plan and medium term financial strategy that succinctly set out aims and aspirations I will therefore conclude by saying I’m proud of being the leader of a council that is well respected by its peers and local government and a national government that’s having received its back at £30 or Democrat government ministers knowledge in that status I’m also proud to be in the Lake District Court is in 2014 the status of the best rural district in the United Kingdom for the quality of life of his residence this if you think that all of these things happen by accident then you’re very much mistaken

in this respect what great events with witness recently that should have put out district in the national and international spotlight ranging from the excellent BBC documentary on Saffron Walden to the visit the Olympic torch in 2012 and the Amazing scenes of just a week ago when the Tour de France Spencer are district that determine through you I’d like to record my thanks to all of the members of this Council especially those with whom I have to work very closely in this job not least my deputy the chief executive and his team and all of the Council staff were they work indoors or Outdoors for the part they have played in this councils achievements over the past 7 years I know that I hand over the leadership of the skeletal to very capable hands and administration group that will deal with the challenges that inevitable ahead and who will insure that uttlesford District Council remains at the forefront of local government for all the right reasons charity

well regardless of our political persuasions I think we’d all like to again shall out thanks to cancel a kettle foods that sterling dedication to the public service and also for the amount of work that he does for the council which are some of us would find imaginable so I think I think was your show appreciation in the customer couple of Dino believe with motorcycle message and it’s always supposed to be sad for anyone who stands down from a job or is replaced and quite a number of her

Cameron steamer I find themselves in Vienna exhibitions this week and you know I’ve been down the past Sunday obviously take some readjustment but just to read a mention one things in there is such a thing as reincarnation

synthetic I want I want to quote

one paragraph form editorial in the observer of a few weeks ago which I think think it’s fair statement you like you said I thought the Conservatives have a good record in many areas but the administration disappointing contact with regard to the emergent District plan is in danger of eclipsing it’s achievements and I think I suppose on the negative side if if there is another time

cancel membership number of years to say congratulations and well done and I know you deserve your retirement so thank you cat years I have been James deputy as long as he’s been leader of the council I want to search a very sad evening for me as well he has been a superb leader we’ve had our differences on some things but my goodness life wouldn’t be the true place if you didn’t argue about something but is always good hey listen to you he put his side he’ll think about it and he’ll go away and he always listens and he always listens to anybody that bothers to knock on his door and come in and it’s a very sad day for me as well today

to see him go but thank you Jim I’ve enjoyed my time with you we had some grim times and it’s a great shame that the workroom times but we’ve come out of them become there and we’ve come up on mine are at the top and I want to see this Council stay at the top for a lot number

thank you can search it or not we now move to the election of the leader of the council recycling as I think it. The outgoing chairman to propose German too close to you members that are councillor Howard Rolfe become the leader that leader of the council this evening or casserole has been a very efficient and loyal member of the Abyss council and our house as you as members are aware I’ve been about a chairman and her a cabinet member for the for the duration of this administration terminal I don’t think I really need to say anymore than that other than that you never said earlier I was cancelled all very well but we are putting the council into capable hands and German I move

do I have a second estimate Council Cheetham go to a vote to elect a casserole done it without you has made easy counsellor off take very much German thank you very much members are elected by default a relief not to have an election I will endeavour to be a professional and effective as I’m able to undertaking this role

my first announcement as leader is to appoint councillor Susan Barker as deputy leader I look forward to working with Susan and didn’t eat everyone in the council

I have a very tough act to follow

gym Kettering is being an outstanding leader for 7 years taking UTC from a challenge to a considerable success with heard some of his stuff his career but take care I’ll just repeat that you join the cats in 79 and already been on Saffron Walden town council for 3 years gyms Ward is Saffron Walden currently Sherwood it’s been there twice and is highly respected not just for his political work but is input to charities and the community

support and good humour has benefit of the council as well as the whole District

behind Every great man there is a supportive family so I’ll be grateful Andrew if you could pass on our thanks and appreciation to Marilyn and the rest of the family I know what time it must have been tough but they were very grateful that you learn to the gym for that time and we very much appreciate it and please pass on my thanks Jim I’ll do my best to protect your Legacy I very much enjoyed working with you and I wish you the very best in your post leadership period thank you

now I am at my thanks to cancel Jack and Cheetham who has been an an excellent deputy and I know her steadfast support has been very highly valued by Jim have a pleased to say that Jackie remains in the cabinet with responsibility for Aviation

300 months months if I know I’ve asked councillor Vic Granger to join the cabinet it will take over my responsibilities for Communities and partnerships I’m sure will do an excellent job in due course I will answer depdey’s after obviously consultation for each other portfolios at the moment there are two vacancies for aviation and housing I’m also keen to appoint a lead member for specific areas subjects such as sport and health and I’m sure they’ll be other subjects as well tonight it gives me pleasure to announce that the councillor John meynell will be the lead member for families and children is the first of those lead member appointments

finally I’d like to Echo canceller chance thanks and congratulate Dana Bradley Lisa Lipscomb Richard auty and Lisa cleaver for the right excellent preparation and execution of arrangements for the Tour de France it was a great day in England droid by everyone and we even have photos of Saffron Walden in French magazines as many of you know that Lisa cleaver is not maternity leave my very pleased to welcome Daniel Barden just sitting over there from the other Saffron Walden reporter poacher turned gamekeeper and to 2 UTC to recover Lisa’s time away makes and gentlemen I thank you do you wish to move chairs are you happy where you are

ok very good times announcements well I don’t have any particular ounces of them to say I am now realising just have big Essex is travelling around it to the various events having attended everything from the Jack Petchey award to take care services to the Saffron Walden rotary club Awards here at new Mercedes in a very pleasant musical evening at Thaxted church which I would certainly recommend that you visit I do was attended the Tour de France which was absolutely superb it was a great day and I think Saffron Walden is should be very proud of the numbers that turned out and display define Enthusiasm I also lastly at Fincham and does have some perks in that too

I’m a VIP guest at tecaz fest at music festivals which please my daughter no end so that’s the end of my announcements now move 2 matches report from the leader and members of the executive

Gemini don’t have anything to add to will have already said she will pass on to the executive Castle thank you chairman chairman I just wanted to show members have read my report I just wanted to add one thing to that and that’s that next Monday the 21st we stayed on myself or 20 presentation at the County Council which will tell us the outcomes of the gypsy and traveller accommodation assessment thisisessex wide assessment and basically it will give us the number of Gypsy pictures that we need to provide over the next 20 years I will be booking the press on Tuesday but before that sorry before that I will communicate to all members the outcome of that and the process as we move forward with that assessment thank you

just to add to my report that since the report went out with I’ve had an email from Jeremy pyne to say that the government today has announced that the future night flight restrictions at Heathrow Gatwick and Stansted have been rolled over for another 3 years I think it if I read this right yes 3 years resume until 2017 so it will be as he is and but they are confirming that there will be an extension to the van Henry movements made by older noise year types of aircraft I will get Jeremy to write us a note and send it round to all members cuz I know those in Thaxted are very keen to point out what happens with your god that all there is a highlighted we’re going to have a special snap snap meeting on the 19th of August and that will start at 7 p.m. and please can I urge all members of the council spend

those that live in the south of the district we will have a discussion on the proposed changed I put in inverted commas because they’re saying it’s not quite a change it’s just a tweaking but I think there will be some gamers and some losses on that and I think we need to have a front discussion before we formulate our response to government with regard to that wooden axe with regard to that and also mad we’ll be announcing their sustainable development plan old steps new language for Masterplan in the 20th of July the date they’re doing it and therefore we will be looking at that and making a responsive to that so please could you put that in your diary so if you’re around I hope you’re not on holiday I just cancelled my 19th of August

thank you is that on Jackie’s yes I don’t seem to have a copy of Council issued and Report I wonder if you could furnish meals when on the back of a bit of paper thank you very much just received it thank you for couscous recipe just take your Market thank you say I just wanted to do the fear of being really boring and repetitive I have emailed out to all members again about this Thursday’s workshop that we’re doing for reviewing a allocations policy and if you come out I’m sure all of your regular being challenged on about how we allocate are council houses as and other properties

I would really appreciate as many members as possible to turn up for that meeting as I’ve got rose to make it later in the evening then she wanted it’s 7 till 9 so that no one has an excuse not to attend has gone out towards 3 times in various email so I’m sure you’re aware of the date although someone today did clay they hadn’t heard about it before so I would really appreciate it if you could attend on this Thursday evening between 7 and 9 p.m. thank you

thank you very much and will move now to members questions of the leader and everything electives and chairman are there any questions yet

catamaran thank you for contacting the other day with to concerns that I had of quoting from a local government Association guidance on the constituency of the planning committee band with members of the executive and it said that will it take to be on the planning committee this would be the exception rather than the rule however as executive member would need to watch out for conflicts of Interest which semicolon anyway of circumstances where an executive members also chair of the planning committee given that there is an Express prohibition against executive as a group undertaking planning committee functions it would be a country of the spirit of the regulations for an executive member to take so prominent the role of chair of the planning committee the chair of planning for clarity regarding the conflict between regulations and the fact that you need

26 feet to have a member of the executive during the planning committee it appears to me to LGA guidelines are uncompromising the executive of prescribed to interference in planning matters in ddlj has no record of a local executive representative Charing planning committee get this is a situation that pertains that udc are requesting clarification from the current chair of planning on the 11th of July but the point of right right unless I receive that response to set reminders I’ve had a response I take the view planning committee of udc is currently not fit for purpose been shared as it is by member who is a member of the executive indeed was the deputy leader the decision of the new leadership point Council range of the full cabinet can only worsen the situation I would suggest that the council needs to review the Constitution of the planning committee as a matter of urgency that it would appear the LGA guidance prescribed inclusion the Patriots cheating and Ranger the consequences of failure to address this matter will possibly lead to legal challenges to all planning on 30 decisions taken that include the above-named councillors thank you

um I’m assuming that was a question so councillor cheap to apply to respond to cancel my 5:40 this evening and pointed out to him that I actually have my daughter and my grandchildren over from Singapore at the moment and I actually went away for the weekend to look after my children which I don’t actually get to see that often I believe its councillors we are allowed some time off I also checked my records when I had time and I went through them and all away all along since I have been in the cabinet of this this Council I have sought legal advice on everything where I thought there might be a clash I have gone to our legal officer and I have had it clarified that I have worked completely within the law and I have got the further longer email from

Mr Perry so maybe would like to add something but I can assure you that I have taken legal advice the whole time and in fact there are other authorities around this area that has members of the cabinet on their planning committees it is not unusual to wear


show me a map of the guidance that count for Michael’s referring to buy Dad requited to counter treating this evening and extract from the LGA and planning consultants guidance on probity in planning who should like to ask you if you notice the fact it’s proper for elected members to be a members of the planning committee and members of a decision taking the misses the only caveat that is given by the LGA is that where a member of the cabinet is responsible for promoting the council planning applications that probably would be a conflict of interest mean member wiki Mr Perry are there any other questions

cafe can’t thank you German miners a Christian and a request for clarification County Council parking in front of an email a couple of weeks ago which was a sort of clarification saying if you have parking problems the place to go with parking partnership if you have rope safety problems the place to go is Essex County Council you shouldn’t confuse the two because this praises unto expectations and delays ETC in Stebbing we have followed your advice and be knowing me the first time we invited the parking partnership was 2 years ago and they said at the school in particular they said it was a tragedy waiting to happen now they were children running about from Carl’s V deep in the entrance to the T-junction

nothing happened subsequent to laugh and I cannot lie I did email you and and I assume that in the grand scheme of things there were situations which even worse somewhere else and they were the 12 concert ended some weeks ago the parking partnership was invited to come again and Dad and two of us 2 of them walked around the village weather’s and again in one particular place near the school so they said my goodness you know you know this is absolutely dreadful at either end of a village because we feel a whole Village solution is necessary to have been within the last 4 months too serious accidents one where a rigid lorry took the complete front of a car off missing the person who was in the driving seat buy a bottle of port and had it been just a fraction of a second later would have killed her

at the other end of the police report to that that is V accident in that particular space where and it’s a very old listed house which was built when I don’t know when payments came in but I think was built before pavement and so the corner of the house the pavement disappear on the corner of the house is virtually the pavement and it appears that goes on at the other end of the village which is the Branning Junction where we have motorcycle some people coming through on the Dunmow to finchingfield cycle run a car

crushed by the speeding along the crashed into a wall and had to wait until the Fire Engine could come and cut him out on the police Robert support of that we really concerned with Donald he said and again nothing has happened the parking partnership went away and said they would consult highways so really I suppose my question to you is when does the parking problems which causes high resting in Durham where do you go I mean have we done the right thing and can we expect a response thank you thank you Christina I think the the issue here I did actually have a meeting with Sandra Taylor Hooks lead Ofsted here and Shane Taylor who’s the lead officer from Colchester couple of weeks go to look out the current applications for new traffic regulation orders and you some of you will have received correspondence from Beyond out there is no new ones in Stepping proposed at the moment but we did discuss their being and the party

partnership is totally going back to Essex because my understanding is we did not sorry the parking partnership did not put in those restrictions around those houses where we are now having accidents that was Essex and did those long before the parking partnership insisted Essex County Council was was involved to that site but if we can discuss that so I’m probably meet with Mr Taylor and see what the best way forwards now is because I know that the technical officers from the parking partnership we’re going back to highways and saying look you’ve put these restrictions in there not working as you expected how we going to have ended so we tried to overcome some of the safety issues and still not allow some people to park because there is the issue of on street parking there and it’s very limited for some of the houses and I wouldn’t say it but I think the parking partnership officer said well if it was me I wouldn’t do it like this but perhaps we can sit down together and have a look at the hole so you can see the best way forwards

any further questions

giffgaff reference and it is a question for councillor Barker I was head of the scrutiny task group and we prepared a report on car parking now there was some minor recommendations are implemented paying by mobile phone but what has happened to the other recommendations for example data with the parking partnership you said because residents are constantly raising parking issues and they want to know what it happened

chilled I’m not sure what data for the parking partnership is requesting they were number of recommendations the offices brought a report back to Kavanagh Taino Council morson spoke there on your behalf and that cabinet report gave progress updates on where we were moving some of those about car parking capacity this council has allocated £80,000 towards looking at parking capacity across Essex sorry just across from the parking partnership came back to cabinet thank you for that but data was an issue with the parking partnership that was part of the recommendations that was going to be looked at and I appreciate what you said about the meeting at the cabinet but if it is ok I understand there’s an £80,000 on the porch

report to it’s going ahead but it’s you know it’s a progress on that because parking is at the forefront of a lot of people’s Minds with businesses with residents so it’s the progress for that and would we be informed at scrutiny was the rest of us being phone because it’s really important issue

is The Turn Of The Screw we would like to invite me back to update her on the progress made I’m more than happy to attend cafe, we will be revisiting it because there were several things that we brought out which has actually taxed on the tool which were very vital to residents which cannot be allowed to be forgotten I think cancel Vargas scandal come back on there any other questions were removed items 9 and 10 of which I believe there are there is nothing to be included there so it moved to item 11 which is reports received committees and working group and the first one

list is the standards committee and I’m assuming we’re taking the report as read but perhaps cancel a lemon would like to add something thank you German yes I do not I don’t intend to read the annual report of the standards committees I’m sure you’ve already but I hope you had you should have done them however some new information has been brought to my notice about the our independent members so I’d like to read assignment which really will replace the future actions paragraph 1 there’s been some concern for myself and other members about about the Independent members of the standard committee there between their term of office next May and we were told they would not be eligible for reelection however Michael Perry and I have looked again at the terms of office of these numbers and I have been informed that out as a independent members have no voting right there will be able

to be reappointed at the end of their turn next May if they wish her hand and that the council also in daughter’s there election so I’ll just make it clear are independent members can put themselves forward for election again I think a very good thing they are independent one of the things that I think is important that on the standards committee is is training particularly next year when we’ve got we’ve been a have a lot of new District Council parish councillors and town councillor so I think one of the important things through our work next year will be to look how we can train these members in the code of conduct last year I just like to thank the council doesn’t independent members on on on the committee and also Michael Perry and his staff for their age

I’m work during the Year thank you thank you cancelling night

um I would like to thank counsellor lemon I was very concerned when I read about the decision to reappoint new independent members because it’s a huge learning curve and the current independent members have served is very well I would like to take Michael Perry for offering them more tenure it’s normal and most quangos for people to serve at least two or three terms and the cost of advertising the stress for offices and particularly the selection committee of which I shared is an awful waste of love and time I would like to say it was new because many councils decided to drop the code of conduct how Council decided to keep it which I think is a good

but we were in untested waters and rules were made at the time we thought was satisfactory but I feel they need to be reviewed because of the fact that we independent members cannot vote is a little bit Ludacris and I would like to request that we revisit that because there are other councils now that do allow this and I think it’s certainly were talking because I think it is independent members are invaluable they do save us a lot of time and I’m sure a very welcome to officer Perry thank you move on to the next one which is the annual report by scrutiny committee and again I’m sure we were taking the reporters redfoot councillor god when is there anything you would like to do it on that

focus on things which affect anybody who is who lives in this District whether it is things like ambulance services and gp service which out of our control and we like to think that a certain extent we have made a difference because I have come and they have listened to us and we have been output the points across they are still willing to come and still talk to us and hopefully that things will start to improve behaviour Parsons Project with our biggest it’s one it took a lot of work and I do have fish tanks to cancer Evans and her group which worked it worked through marriage data and there are issues and they will not be allowed to go away you can be assured of that we are coming

helpers for the coming year is going to be a review of the day centres we did have one in 2009 that there a lot of issues there and I have been changes are we need to look at how we do working how effective the sentence are and whether they are meeting the needs of people out there they were happy to take any questions for RE

funny Christmas casserole and Stew Young accepted a 40% reduction in that order congratulations on that but what is that in monetary terms I think we should say that question for councillor which is the next item so keep that in mind any more questions for the Catholic us know when we will move to counsellor how we have three items on the agenda for the performance Nordic committee come out thank you chairman how do you say there are 3 items which were coming over from the performance of audit committee and I will try and keep in mind cancel a Roses question how embarrassing cause I don’t have that number of the white tongue but anyway I’m the first item is a review of the financial regulations now we reviewed this format audit Committee on the 15th of May If I Could Turn you to page 18 and also

5 pack of papers which include a copy of the minutes of an extract rather from the minutes of that meeting and also the paper that went to the performance audit committee and I’m sure you will have plenty of time to read the financial regulations there is a recommendation that they have be approved by full council at this meeting

holiday questions for customers

ok you can carry on the second item should we just sailed through on we have another photo I would like to ask you one very quick question what is not a regulation do the processes that we have allow us to flag up any business rate defaults before they become a problem

the processes that we have allow us to identify the collection rate overall so we can identify the percentage that we achieve so far as business rates are concerned we’ve had regular reports throughout the year on to particular instances that I think you probably haven’t making reference to and those are certainly routinely considered also by cabinet we have asked for routine updates from offices on those particular items so far as smaller items of business rates arrears are concerned that we do not have a process where they ask formally reported to our committee but I understand they are reported to cabinet thank you for that the first item then is to is a recommendation to improve the financial regulation so can I have a proposer and seconder for that please

exactly come out and colour Ranger we have all those in favour please

AQA cafe latte to thank you the second item again is a referral from the performance Nordic committee and I returned a review on this occasion to page 38 if you don’t mind and also again in the room the revised pack of papers you will find a copy of the minutes for an extract from the minutes of the meeting on the 15th of May and also a copy of the report that went to the committee this item concerns recommendations to improve the revised contract procedures rules and again I submit those for approval by Council are there any questions on contract procedure rules

sorry we had cancer hospice thank you do we have any relation to payments to suppliers in terms of time scales I can I couldn’t find them and I wonder would we have if you could listen what they are really are testing me this evening we can have a performance the performance and audit committee routinely reviews are payment terms and the date and the debtor days that apply we follow government guidance on payment terms and I’m struggling to remember the details of what those those are am I missing Steven Dyson honestly at the moment but we would we definitely do follow guidance I can give that assurance

Kelsey Rose following my small business payments to me as a representative for businesses to the council do sign up for I think it’s 14-day payment for small businesses and it would be useful to have a parasite yeah good point

forgive me for not standing up it’s such a performance at the moment the procurement we switched from local many years ago to having a central purchasing procurement and that normally works for a short while because I normally give very competitive rates and nobody bothers checking them and they gradually find that local suppliers can supply a lot cheaper and I know we had a ridiculous situation with I see where I was I had a problem in the chat came all the way from Devon or Cornwall to sort it out which I thought was Rod strange I would like to ask what the current situation is do we still use a jester central procurement service or do we try to put some business back in the local community council house is really is testing somewhere in here because I read it this morning page 41 there is a

reference to the fact that we always ensure there is at least one local contractor invited to tender and that individual has to live within or businesses within a 20 mile radius of Dunmow and Saffron Walden and that’s probably the limit of my memory but we do ensure that there is at least one local contract you invited for every

David Davis. Can I just say cancel night we we do specify about having local contractors where at all possible to actually tender for the business we look at it very carefully to decide whether that is value for money as well because obviously if we can give it to local contractors that is excellent and I’m all in favour of that I’m sure the counseling as well we also have a duty to look at value for money as well so we have to be very careful which tender we do accept which we feel is right for the district and also write to the tax prices for Castle Redfern council and everybody else with their housing plans we doing at the moment we had a very successful meet the buyer session here when we were looking for contractors to use on the TV

my doing in Stansted and wherever possible and that that was that was all geared up towards using as many local people as we could on a housing development as well thank you very much I would also thanks at any Council having a contract procedure they would not be so over it so complicated to deter small businesses from for applying for the contract so on that note would you like to propose that we accept the revised contract procedure rules

proposed Castle Hill II Council Parker at all those in favour please

thanks very much an item 3 is simply a report from the poor performance and audit committee is the annual report of the Year performance in audit committee again and as as chairman of other room committees have suggested I won’t speak in detail to the contents are referred you to each of the main heading and the statement of accounts to an external and internal audit performance monitoring and risk management and I’d like to thank my deputy head with cancer Oliver for his help and support that be the benefits of having a qualified accountant as a deputy is ideally demonstrated in his ability to record it at a moments notice that the Audit fees and I very much faithful to him and and indeed as I am to all of the members of the committee for their support and contributions to the meeting that we have I’d also like to thank offices for their help and support during the course of the year

and I’m very pleased to submit this report for acceptance by the council thank you yes

sorry cancel again

thank you in German it was a year ago that I resign from the Audit committee because I felt that when it carried out the annual assessment of its own performance that it wasn’t too self-aware as it ought to have been and wasn’t as objective I have in recent weeks heard from offices that that the committee this year carried out to self assessment and that it did a better job I haven’t seen that self assessment it’s not referred to in this annual report where is it was referred to in the annual report lesbians I would like to ask cancel a Howell why it’s not in the report and how long can get hold of it in order to satisfy oneself the job Swindon better this year and what I’m on my feet could I ask a question which refers to Somewhere the papers it’s about the topic that keeps coming up about bin collection

is there any any truth behind the information that’s been given to me that part of the reason why we get a high proportion of bins missed it is because of stuff I level of staff absent absenteeism which means that people are dragged in who don’t know that rhymes thank you tell her thank you German I am not somebody who does detail I’ll be honest but I do recall will cancel the next year I don’t think resigned from the performance Norton community he was removed from the committee by his group and I’d like to pay tribute to to cancel Park contribution during the course of the last year we received her somewhere unusual a press release from Kant studien said was almost North Korean and its flavour and I

wondered whether there been a coup de tar or something like that but I’m pleased to see Council parties here tonight and I’d like to thank her for her contribution throughout the year I believe that she was objective and did not use this committee for party political point scoring I would have course be pleased to point out on page 54 the second paragraph of internal audit the final sentence it was first to the self assessment that took place and it is referred to in the report thanks very much Council move to item 11 d which is a imagine referred to the constitution working group with castleman l like to speak to that public speaking as explained in the report on page 57 final paragraph and I would also like to ensure the scheme is adequate be publicized in that an explanatory

it is issued for any participants prior to their attendance as described on page 57 and you will see a copy of that document in front of you but you would also stay on the revised pack that I believe Council this cheating will be putting in a moment thank you German I know the findings of the constitutional panel and having taken sounding through a number of councillors I would like to put forward an amendment to his recommendation from the panel with regard to the amount of public speakers allowed on a planning application at the planning committee meeting I would like to propose a pilot scheme that is more generous in that it allows a maximum of 5 speakers to speak for an application 5 against as well as the district parish and county councillors and the agent

this pilot should run until the end of this Council terms with a review next spring so that the outgoing committee can report back to the constitutional working panel before the council elections next year the committee shall continue to have special meetings for large applications and I’d like to add that this Council was one of the first to introduce public speaking at committee meetings I think the date was 2004 and it was under the term when I chief executive with the head of Planning council and has never try this councils never tried to stifle debate debate but I feel there must be a sensible balanced between receiving relevant information and having too much repetition

thank you counselling tutor what’s the name of did you say what is the amendment thank you very much

thank you very much does everybody understand that yes ok right now coz Paris

thank you chairman I just want to remind Council but councillor Cheetham table this is a 4motion which came before us recently and was well defeated as being undemocratic against the person’s right to a fair hearing to take this then to a constitutional working party after being defeated at for council is wrong and undermines the for democratic process of licensing do not have the benefit of time limitation and have to rely on licence in principles and still get a speaker a fair hearing are you such word as relevant and repetition to move the Debate forward there has more than adequate means at her disposal to guide to meeting and give everybody a fair hearing I’m also concerned a different set of Rules of being implemented for major application which is a mistake I will not be supporting this motion and I would like the amendment to show that the power

and town councillors do have a voice

Chalmers left out we put before we before we move

I apologize I didn’t put the word town in I come from a parish I apologize it says District parish it should say town for the make an amendment to put in town and county councillors which sometimes sometimes forget forgotten and the agent and can I just say that this was an urgent item that came from the planning committee meeting went to the constitutional working party it was not only me it was recommended it and it was seconded by believe cancel account but we have this list are amendment and I know people want to speak to the then we have a proposal for the moment which is yourself and a second that’s OK that’s fine. Calcium rich could I indicate whether or speaking about the amendment itself or are we speaking about the motion

and I would move to to support and cas cheat Sims amendment I’m generally speaking as you will know German fellow members um I’ve always spoken in favour of more democracy rather than less and therefore I strongly support the idea of a 5 rather than 3 I am concerned about any move to restrict advocacy before the planning committee but if a pilot scheme can be found which is found to work practically on on all the large applications when a different schemas I understand it will be able to be in place then I would like to see a stride obviously the run every planning application can generate people who object in different ways and as I’ve said in the past it will be quite wrong to try and limited to one speaker who would who would try and cover all aspects of what he or she had to

as well as all aspects of what everyone else who disagreed with him or her that might have to say to that is obviously too much of an order I’ve made that up point before but I think 5 people on all but large applications may be a work order number three certainly isn’t and for that reason I would speak in favour of fun at Casa cheethams proposed amendment councillor Watson

Iams chairman

we are we are not a company without shareholders we have an electric the public and I believe the public have a right to be heard on fundamental issues that affect their life

and I think to move from a situation where people have the opportunity to come along and speak both for that nearly new year was against I will accept it is quite wrong for us to give the impression that actually we don’t want to hear from them many of the people who come along are experts in their field and they produce valuable information we heard from the speaker earlier on today that the effect of not getting the correct information and I think I moved to restrict public speaking at planning applications would be undemocratic and will be disaster for the public perception of this Council I will not support this version

Castle lachlan thank you that was rejected by callee trolley what to cancel Watson just said the public are entitled to be heard protector with planning application firewall not support this motion advert casserole I’m pleased to wear Second Amendment I think the constitution working group for their efforts and dumb and I think it’s right that at this stage we re re balance to the point of a more than 3 I support the idea that this is for a trial period we should be aware that many other councils indeed only allow one speaker for and against so to put it in other context of course I have to be understand what can statements

that what you’re saying and without proud of our tradition of free speech and the Democratic process but I think this is a balanced it is about having effective planning committees and then they were not talking about the normal I think probably talking about the exception but if the meeting itself it is it is not of the standards and professionalism nothing is conduction but in terms of the way it drags on iPad think it upsets those who come to speak and is not quite understood by the general public so we have to find that right balance think size speakers is is it is quite sufficient in terms of getting the quarter point across on on any particular discussion with planning rounding else to be honest with you so for that reason I think this is a prudent approach and the second the motion category

while having been on the planning committee for many years now I can honestly say there are very few occasions when 5 people have actually come and wanted to speak mainly there are just a few central people on the average planning applications on the ones which are out of the ordinary the very big one there are many many ways to make your views note and they are being increasingly and that is who emailing the counselors which they do all the time and which we all get at home and we have all take a note on after 5 speakers have spoken they are so usually well informed these days but all the points have been usually very very well made and the planning committee would have taken all of this on board I think that

hit the time is right if it isn’t will find out and we can bring it back to the council so yes I should be supporting this gospel Ranger I think a tenner and that’s just to bring a touch of realism to the awareness of health planning committee has to deal with a major application when it’s registered and we get it on the agenda we then can access I’ll be sure to access the website look at the application in detail and if there were 300 letters of objection against a major application according to the Vue be spread by certain members

presumably 300 people come along and speak and they would all be making virtually the same point he should not be difficult for people who are wanting to express a view on a major application there will generally be within the same area and therefore they should look to consolidate their thoughts together you let a spokesman and then reduce the burden on the day of getting the application given the full merit that it is so I think five is reasonable that there are only so many planning policies that I know you won’t want to point towards to eject an application so five people with five minutes each should be able to sum up those policies that they feel and applying that case clicker 2 more and let’s cancel it can’t first thank you

I’ve been a member of the planning committee for about €19 an hour and I think of from talking to other members I think we all work in a similar way and that is we read everything that comes to us before the meeting I try and read it twice because I find on a long report reading it once isn’t enough when you read it most of us tend to annotate those pages and any questions that are raised within the report we make a note of and we raise that the meeting at the meeting which I think triggered this alone I know cancel. It was raped sometime ago but I think there has been a meeting which rather long before and I’m triggered this proposal and that was when I left home at 8 o’clock in the morning to get here for to leave early for site visits and I actually got home just before a few minutes before

9 o’clock at night not one cannot pretend that one is making good decisions when one has been at it for 12 hours the other thing is if if we could somehow within Oxford live for something actually do an article which shows the various ways you can contract and make your feelings heard at the planning committee and the best way to do that is to right so that members actually get a copy of that so they can read it at their leisure annotated and raised Quo and we often do see in our Parish Council member of something has registered when we have 36 people speaking as we do that one of his planning applications it’s not exactly that you lose the will to live it’s just that there is so much information you can take in and process and actually evaluate within that time if you could

if you have to book to read the other thing it concerns me about this is on an application as cancel Godwinson for most applications this really will have no relevance at all because five people is probably as many as we get speak on most planning applications

I think one is slightly to be more we do need a process where these people can be put in touch with each other so that if there are 7 and we only allowed 5 then those two people can somehow get their views to someone else and if there are any fresh issues they do get raised and a couple of absolutely nothing to stop those members and sending I mean or on summer vacation if I think I got a verb 80 letters through the post and all of those you know the planning committee dog breed the very few people that come to the planning committee unprepared until I think you know it’s about the worst best way to get that information and I feel having 36 speakers as a meeting is not the best way to get people’s views in front of the planning committee members so they can make good decisions thank you thank you last one is Catholic Easter message

you’re not a valid points made by most of the speakers today including cancer what’s intensive whitening I will support this amendment on the understanding that this is on a trial basis and I would like the trial to be specified length of time does the 10th May the point I was going to make I won’t go about the duplication and those who want to make points liaising with those who have already got the slot I was supported as I say that I would like to see a length of time for the trial can I just wanted out what I put in with the spring of next year when I think that we should do our research now I can happily put a date in if somebody can quickly tell me when Easter is next Jeff and we could say before you start and then the officers have a month or would it be if he’s too early next year I would like

Andalusian chicken can I take that is up to the office if I don’t think I can do that on the hoof all I can do is proposed what I have done and I spoke to you when I when I do this I spoke to do officers about it because I’m the last thing I want to do is drive the Debate but what I want is good Debate and helpful account is absolutely right on that particular day I left at 8:30 in the morning because I had a briefing beforehand and I got home at 9 o’clock at night and we all had 45 minutes off during the day not actually I think some some employees might come under a bit of a problem on that because that is a long day for anyone but I will ask the chief executive to explain how we could do this the members of pink ducks went to Spain

we report back to council at before end of next of next year so my suggestion would be that turn this trial run. Run to the end of the council year when there’s an election and where we can pick it up Lennon and in the course of that we can perhaps the constitution working group can look at this again and make a recommendation I think there’s the amendment says to Newcastle father having a number of discussions on my left here thank you

no no cancel my NOW I believe would like to sum up thank you chairman pointed procedure amendment will be perfect if there’s a majority is it in order for me to withdraw the recommendation

it was superseded before we moved to the boat at one of the day I was a little concerned about this myself I did ask the procedure and apparent of the chairman does to retain discretion as to how many people speak and I must admit that put my mind at risks at rest so so I’m assuming that the channel will use that discretion Wisley during the pilot period so I’d like to go to the boat please those in favour of the amendment

no no until the end of the year 7 on time scales it will be at the end of the council year which will be in May when you look into the phone and that is supposed to vote for the amendment which we have a presence of those in favour

Kilkenny against

thank you very much

do you wish me to propose to girl orders

it is ok have you just have to go for another birthday we have to go again those in favour please at the moment


text Emily scarratt

2 item 12 which is to note the election of councillor Dean as leader of the Liberal group and to consider request of the group substitute counselling for Castlebar on the performance audit committee so I assume that’s a quick boat those in favour

for any against then come on

item 13 appointment of s151 officer cheapest experiment and there’s only one person able to feel it Mr Webb was already feel just posted in the past filled it admirably and the recommendation is the section 151 officer Falls within this role and to text Cathy Watson

where is the chairman of pulley appreciate there is only one possible candidate for the current post but I would like to see the word interim put in this particular reports Treforest I have a consumer experience in investigating complicated serious fraud and included three and a half years working on a public sector corruption unit which is a national body investigating corruption by local authority corruption is caused by a lack of supervision of what’s going on and we have just had almost the perfect number of years but the man who was a master of the task what we appear to be doing here on a temporary but it doesn’t sound a temporary basis period on a permanent basis weather report is written is actually taking someone out of the management chain and a job is being slightly sub divided among others that cannot be good practice we are Council Woodstock out waves waves of management at the right time to reduce it down to a very manager

Anthony take out one further manager with read a specific role is very dangerous and I think very unsound and I think we should put the word interim in here because we should recruit an officer that does exactly the same job at Steven Joyce did say that reference and hopefully in the same magnificent way that he did it go James thank you Mr Chairman Mr Chairman I’m happy to propose this proposal and I’m also happy to put the word interim in there as was stated earlier on we have a new leader this evening it will be up to the leader to discuss with the chief exec the way forward which will come back to this Council but I’m more than happy to put the word interim section 151 as long as we have a Statutory 151 officer then that is only for the only requisite in law but I’m quite happy to put the word interim in there

ISO propose German Second being catheterised right in that case then but I may I am respect the council’s position that I have Mr Webb we needed a section 151 officer I don’t want people to think this is a temporary post this is a permanent

the statutory post is everyday statutory requirement we can’t keep making interim appointments to it and straighten it if in the fullness of time when we when we finish the review of things it is felt that we should have a separate section 151 officer is similar and responsibilities to the previous posts older than that is what we’ll do and I wouldn’t want that time limited and I think they’re supposed to be the section 151 officer but it’s members think the word interim would help then then then by all means but I don’t know whether spoon doesn’t look at the terminology for to the post thank you

Cath Davies Jewish to the add or withdraw I hear what the cheapest I keep saying I don’t disagree with him that on the other hand there is no reason why you can’t have the word entering them there as long as we have a section 151 officer if had a later date and I don’t know if it a later date it is decided that it would be more revelations to the council to have a separate 151 officer that is entirely would be up to the council and obviously the leaders discuss with the chief exec so I still think we can cheap except has said that although what you said before he he doesn’t there is no reason why we can’t put into him there and if that satisfies people then I think that’s the right way for

cast of Hudson turns out to be long term because I do think it is their duty to recruit an officer to Phillip efficient was already held on it with taking unnecessary risk this is public money no money but I fully accept or cats have Chambers I said and I’ll support that just for my own kind of you I don’t need this message to Dad interim in the title but certainly can be on an interim basis so on so on that basis can we have

thanks very much congratulations Mr Webb

another quick boot I think I have 14 to a green amendments of the committee timetable to change the date of scrutiny Committee on the 14th to the 7th thank you very much now another quick one publication of members attendance records on the council’s website is the speak for that remembers I wrote We wrote to you a few months ago raising the issue of publishing records of members of tendons and the results the results of the emails are not favourable in medicare in many ways we have to report before you explain some of the background to this we did lose a member recently failed to turn up for 6 months

and we were looking at ways of how we can do that though keeping a record of attendance is one of them there are provisos set out the way proposing to add to a list that set out on the report I think members are familiar with what is proposed I’ve nothing further to add to the report that there is no recommendation it’s remember to determine whether or not a summary of the attendance should be made public bearing in mind that are subject to an foi requirements. Need to make this tablet anyway thank you German

is anybody vs p10 council at night thank you I have absolutely no problem with her the things being recorded but I have a problem with the fact that it was just going to be the council meeting where you have a situation with somebody turns up just for 6mm year and has absolutely diddly squat for the anywhere else and there are many of us have other things we represent we are the actress of Representatives on voluntary groups outside somersworth have quite serious concerns in our world and we have to be asked by the chairman of the parish councils to attend we I will when I mentioned this I was told by 1 member of the cabinet that we should only deal with District

network of a leaflet that with sending out saying that councillors are elected to represent you and the rest of the constituents I take my job very seriously where my constituency concerned so what I would like to propose is an alert if there’s an attendance record and somebody doesn’t attend a council meeting there is a column where they can put the reasons why thank you I’m not sure is that an amendment to the proposal which is to consider whether a summary of industry be made public suggestion which I hope will be supported by any other speakers councillor Parker Kevin as a former member of the part of it so it’s not very difficult to find out how many meetings

I attend I have no problems with this whatsoever people put it as much as though you don’t get out I Tend parking partnership meetings gypsy and traveller meeting I can’t we cannot help here I had more Parish Council meetings but we can’t expect offices to keep track of her so I think they’re very simplistic way forward is just those meetings the Witch and it should be made clear those meetings which councillors would be expected to attend year not number meetings with if somebody is only on council and doesn’t sit on to BT they can be sick so we can see there till 6 but it’s going to be a course those meetings that they are expected to attend and it’s not as if we’re going to put it on the front page of the weather is it is not going to be there it will be published if somebody goes and looks for it they will find it but I’m not sure that many people go through their website please be honest about it showing

but I’m sorry too and I quite like hell Swindon suggestions if there is a methodology for you know if you have broken your leg of your in hospital otherwise there are only 6 council meeting for you you should be here cover Evans I would support counsellor night because I was on my way hear back from work and there was a crash on the M11 and I got stuck for goodness knows how many hours and I just couldn’t get here so hope you know it’s sometimes I was really solid and I just couldn’t get here that day

cancel but I’m totally in favour of the council with you’ve been notified her she is much too simplistic the person who takes the minutes knows exactly which councils are there as much is council turns up to speak and I was watching which cancer actually part is about stand being a member when they finish them minutes and do the minutes it is a matter of moments then to transfer that into whatever website we’re going to use so they could actually Record accounts of the tensor any meeting that they turn up people shouldn’t have to look through pages of minutes that I find whether I turn up a planning meeting I come to the odd one or two I speak at the odd one or two that is well known and should be recorded it’s things like that if we’re here and we’re participating in a meeting it is known by the person who takes the minutes and their duties should involve report recording it on some sort of spreadsheet very simple most of the organisation do at the mass of course and we should do the same this is too simplistic

thank you Cathy rich

thank you John I support like the previous speaker the principle that peoples attendance at meetings should generally speaking be recorded in a way which isn’t eligible and I would just like to someone knows of course and have been a couple of instances during this Council. Where I’ve actually been is amazing and beam Miniatures is having attended and regrettably not been marked as having a tendered in the in the actual heading of the of the minute and it would be nice to know how the figures that are going to be published about a particular council or are made up so that that can be to be the accuracy of them can be can be looked at before I finally go live because if someone is published to having a very poor attendance record you get it on something of which political uses made where to buy

opponents politically or or by people looking to generally criticised councillors of whom there are many who don’t seek to involve themselves specifically and directly in the Democratic process I like the idea of perhaps councillors attendance at meetings that they don’t have to go to which sentence is not expected being recorded but I don’t think that it’s going to be easy to develop a scheme whereby that could be done I mean what what is been postulated is it been postulated that there should be some sort of additional column where someone’s attention to the meeting they were expected to come to necessarily should be recorded because I can see how that might be politically used as well if he did that particular cancel a claim expenses for attending meetings we all come along to planning meetings when important things evolving awards and do that with a direct or indirect

we are involved and there are the meetings that we could do we come along too as well you should perhaps be some sort of standard that is published but I do think at the moment that was being proposed is rather a raw tool and we should probably think about it a little bit more before we suddenly go live with it and I have an open mind about how I’m going to vote I’d like to hear what other people have to say that I have heard what to cancel Watson has to say and I am I think his is words as often are wise words can control everybody else can turn this is a tricky one because I think we’re all in agreement that we should publish what we do every other cancelled does it then I think we all believe in an open and transparent system taking Council lights point first I’m not sure whether for every meeting at putting in excuses going to make particularly good reading but I think where

sympathise where I sympathize with you is extended periods of absence I think it’s a perfectly legitimate point to make an der so I think that should could well explained that not necessarily for every individual meeting with a series of different reasons I’m picking up the Watson’s point I sympathize because it might also Portfolio I looked after Lucas future partnership which had four subgroups and I tried where I could to attend each of those sub meetings now they wouldn’t actually go in this list and I think that the list is based on where we hand the book around as it has been handed around tonight so it’s uh quite a clear definition in terms of who is there as against Andy should you be there so for example in my LSP meetings community Safety Partnership health and being whatever they may have been should I have been there should I

come under the heading total number of meetings I haven’t turned up to them but whether I had to have been there is a mute point and this is where the grey area they exist so I would like to propose chairman that we pick up a council nights point for extended periods of way that we start with those meetings that are annotated by the book because it is the easiest to control and again let’s come back let’s make a date if you want to either at the end of this Council year in terms of whether that was satisfactory and whether people want to do it in a different way but I think we should have read tonight that we are going to be transparent I think it’s funny that we were we are not me should start that this year and we start with a system that we can monitor that is fairly clear and we proceed on that if it turns out not to be to your satisfaction thank you I’ll take one more councillor

the office is very simple but we should only be counting the meeting to which we are listed to be present either committees that we’re all the work is being detailed tip and that is all I don’t think that we should we put it on the times I went to the meeting outside of councils Patrol the times that we went to other balls which are loosely associated as it just the ones which is all listed in the book here that’s all you ever tell the ones you put on kids and I thought that this report we were going to be doing anyway from reading report so I asked for illness I think only prolonged illnesses should be noted otherwise the day that you had flu or met your mother in law wasn’t too well and yet the only look after her shouldn’t be counting at all but we have got to be very serious about this take the big things take the ones were allocated to and not the Other Side Lane

eclipse bottomless pits ok I’m going to ask for a boat on this now the recommendation is that members consider whether Up 2 summary of their attendance should be made public that’s the motion there are a couple of suggestions one of which is that extended periods of absence should be possibly considered to be included and also sure it is registered with the accuracy of the Year of the document to all the webpage be assured so all those in favour of the motion to publish that members attendance


another quick one

item 16 to cancel the following Motion City because of Dean Martin Morrison Parry and Parry cancelled and I think we should speak to this thank you it’s a terrible I’d like to table and amended version of the most letters in front of you I think officers other are a copy of the change I’d like to leave it at 1 2 and 3 cell counting in fives and legal directories only have your tummy if we can the council meeting but the draught called continuance remember to call for would be an unlawful resolution of the council what resolution says is that the resolution of the panic when he was in the band the assistant director of planning

decision of the committee was ultraviolet and therefore unlawful and that the action of the resultant force will help decide upon the legal limit its own actions only the High Court can decide that on judicial review consequently the council what position of actions of the planning committee of the amateur spikes for plants

so with that in mind counselling

had wrist proceed you can put it down

I think I was saying is the contingency memory she put forward here too close for is actually invalid it’s the council does not have the legal power to possibly saying is Decisions of the planet committee and that is the action of the assistant director of planning succeeded the legal powers they’ve got this Council does not have power lead me to pass out of evolution Airport to that effect

I I don’t understand that I do miss German look I’m not going to stand on ceremony I’m going to propose the motion as it stands at the moment rather than wasting everybody’s time I will publicise the the amendment or maybe make it as an amendment later so I’d like to propose this a bear with me a moment as it stands today so she goes to the root of why this Council exists to represent the people who are elected us

to doing it in a way which earns the vote of confidence and trust what happened on June 25th if it has damage the reputation of this Council Planning committee gives up Attack YouTube Mr Chairman you should have asked for a second before I start speaking

do we have a second before the Castle Cary caught dancing knowingly or innocently to a tune played by the cabinet through its officers politicisation of planning is contrary to the code of conduct it’s supposed to be independent of political editor the failure of the District Council to defend an appeal is unprecedented what’s the difference this time

the application was manipulated by officers and leading members last autumn to try to achieve approval of 800 homes at the Fairfield site at elsenham and Henham a failed in November to get the committee to reverse the October 15th or are we meant to accept that the reasons for refusal won’t wash at an appeal are we being asked to repudiate many of the council the doctor planning policies in favour of a highly political untested an adopted local plan according to Essex County Council the untested plan cannot be delivered at the Fairfield site because road congestion will be severe and the plan offers no solution to table a proposal on June 25th under the disguise heading legal advice on appeals with disgraceful in my opinion no the plural of appeals was it an academic seminar about appeals in general

no it was about a specific appeal but it’s identity was hidden from anyone not on the committee or who had not been different privileged information to attend a meeting the additional attendance on June 25th inclusive the former leader of the Council councillor Morton ask Mr Perry last week if he could have attended if he had no what was on the agenda who was told no

is it one rule for the executive and another for backbenchers the planning committee has no locus in the conduct of appeals it’s remit as set out under government regulation to perform the development control function up to the Grant granting or refusal of planning permission so what was the committee doing resolving and I stress the word resolving that the council does not defend the appeal of health responsibility for carrying out functions relating to appeals is delegated from this town not the planning committee to the assistant director planning and building control

so the committee had no business passing such a resolution I’ve been told that the assistant director was only seeking guidance from the committee that’s what the minute so that’s not what the minutes so the committee resolved why didn’t the assistant director come to this Council this evening before writing to the planning inspectorate by the way this isn’t the right throws made an unprecedented decision without in my opinion proper authority you must be asked to account for his actions in due course his job is to carry out of things not to avoid ladies and gentlemen this evening to begin to repair the damage to restore some of the Lost credibility of the other Council this is an early first test of whether the new leadership tales about the opinions and judgement of those outside the cabinet and for the much larger public opinion beyond this Council chamber

I moved the motion and urge members support

Katherine Perry thank you chairman let me say first and foremost the politics did not play any part in planning issues so that is one of the reasons why I second in this motion and I will continue to speak to it in that the Fairfield application was twice defeated by the planning committee the last be nice poster for what has happened since undermines the planning committee minutes roll it also places are committed integrity and worse into account legal advice obtain put money before people and a request for a II independent advice was refused the LGA clearly states that the localism act transfers control away from County and district councils to the town and parishes and the public have to have a greater say have to be heard and answers given to questions raised this is not happening this case I was elected to represent

what is people of Saffron Walden but also uttlesford I believe struggling open as fairness and transparency little of which appears to be involved in this Fairfield application I’ve spoken to a number of surrounding councils and I’ve confirm that this decision is unprecedented also the chair been invited to the appeal hearing between councils offices and others this despite being predetermined having voted for the application is a game unprecedented and is now being used twice is wrong to hide behind little privileged as a people have a right to know the truth this will now Leeds all sorts of accusations and misrepresentation know some of you are no without this down I warn you the public have long memory and next May will be a very difficult time for the conservative group and others as well the appeal will go ahead and objections raised from interested third parties

who will contest this and will possibly influence the outcome

and the interest of fairness I believe it is right for the public to know who voted in this motion and I wish to request a recording boat thank you chew tobacco and I’d like to propose an amendment to the motion must have no hard copies my iPod to ask him to circulate them before I speak to an ocean

but I will need a second half of this Castle Rock thank you chairman chairman I was quite surprised to see this item coming in front of us and I think the matter actually is very simple and I’d like to close very briefly this amendment to the motion in front of you we find ourselves in an unusual but not a unique situation as much as it’s been decided not to defend a decision at appeal to be heard from calculating the assistant director of planning has delegated powers and could have made this decision himself but on this occasion chose to share counsel’s opinion with the planning committee to seek their opinion as a member of this cabinet I first had side of the Part II papers last week when they were circulated

this is a lot with other counselors prior to this however because this was beginning to flare up and motion have been put I telephoned not Alistair didn’t know he’s back in circulation telephone Julie I telephone

Robert I telephone Howard I telephone somebody else as well just say have you seen these pink papers the answer was unanimous no I didn’t telephone Jackie of course I knew she’d been at the planning committee I was made aware the same time as any other cancer in this room not on the planning committee I’m a fronted by the suggestion that there is executive influence in in this decision as the original motion um I’m a demotion both emphasize the planning committee must preserve its independence executive matters and party politics in line with codes and government regulation Kevin I believe that this decision planning was made correctly and without the influence of the executive and that we as the motion States note the matter thank you

right I have a castle park next

thank you chairman it is disappointing for me to be here yet again talking to you about the new town and Elsa and tell him I know you’re all aware by now how badly the resident 2010 and feel they’ve been cheated by this Council residents will put through the stress of an application which will forever change their community not once but twice the reason given to residents was because the committee had to be sure of their decision after deciding on there reasons for refusal twice they’ve been chose not to defend their decision appeal however they will be defending their decision on another application is show the clip reference and it’s putting Communities against one another the actions of this administration cabinet members have left the reputation of this council in the gutters far as residence of elves enema concerned I one of the planning committee meetings are criticized by 1 member forgiving the residents of alderman Hallam hope where there is none this planning committee member clearfield the Fairfield application will be going ahead no matter what the residents want to happen to their community

I can’t blame the residents feeling let down by the council I feel let down by this Council decisions about our future being held behind closed doors are opinion has been deemed an important for counsel’s opinion is being unimportant on this issue this is not a Council residents feel they can trust is not a councillor Phil has their best interests at heart and this is not a council they still has integrity slogoman councils logos States it’s our community it would seem that select review of taking this literally Stevenage to do their community to do with what they wish Council I add you to reclaim our community for the people who voted for us to represent them here please don’t support this amendment and support the original motion let me pay my community together

thank you cheers should be fully apparent to most people I wasn’t at this meeting I was unable to attend because of in hospital being backed up I’ll just fairly serious road accident

to be honest I’m very grateful that I wasn’t at that meeting because I can’t be associated with what took place I’m grateful for the opportunity to address for council then I matter that I believed to be a fundamental importance I hope the fellow members will recognise the significance of what is before us the planning committee services specific purpose to approval refused planning applications nothing more or less Decisions of the planning committee have to be supported by policy derived from the adopted local plan the emerging local plan company has no place in the decision-making process recently the planning committee with a quite a take decision on whether or not to defend a planning appeal doodly doodly legal opinion was provided actually suggested that successfully defending The Pill would undermine the emerging local plan conversely that the allocation site in the emerging local plan made it impossible to defend castle maclellan now I’m not cancelling some of these issues issues

well it and if you wish to discuss that that we have to go into part 2 so which excluding me to the Republic disregard that smoking can you be careful the future quote apart from the fact that planning committee is not constitutionally able to take decisions on an appeal process to suggest that matters relating to an unadopted playing with limited wait just got that I could question why the assistant director planning took it upon himself to seek legal opinions and reminder decision at the planning committee I could question why the chair of the committee fail to recognise a nice long list of what was being proposed the fact remains that for whatever reason for planning committee took a decision on June 25th on the basis of clearly Florida legal opinion that regardless of the opinion the committee was not permitted to take care of Venus providing an excellent commentary to the motion explained what has been done I fully support the motion and I’m grateful for the commentary which should we moved out from members you might not routinely be involved in planning matters for clarity whoever might be responsible situation

tourism that’s so disregard the local Planning Authority refuse permission on robust policy grounds for development on specific site and perfect office tour destination addresses to call function of this Council he takes decisions who is responsible it’s unfortunate extemporise it’s unfortunate that we’ve been put in a position where we not allowed to discuss matters which should be discussed members are responsible but we rely on honest unbiased information in an atmosphere untainted by undue influence reporter with regard to the decision taken by the planning Committee on June the 25th this was in fact if you’re not the case could I could I just reminded any discussion of the planning decision itself is actually a part to become so on that basis that if you wanted to go to part 2 and discuss that then that’s another matter but in the meantime I have

customer centricity Wilson Prime Minister thank you was the German German I would like to appeal to this Council to assert their authority and dignity about the way this decision was made it should cause this Council great concern as a member of the licensing committee I’m aware that Mr Parry has been given delegated powers by the committee to do with minor offences and to avoid the committee meeting on a number of occasions but with the slightest full of contention who was the first the matter to a committee that has to be brought together quickly

I’m not disputing as suggested that Mr Taylor does not have delegated powers to refuse to attend an appeal which he gets of course from for council but rather my concern is the way this has been handled the way this has been done this decision was a very significant about haunted houses certainly in the initial meeting which would have led the first Phase 2 3000 houses

it should have been done in a more open and transparent manner involving this Council

the German we have been told by Mr Perry at the clients for the legal advice which was given was this cancel

it was requested by Mr Taylor on the council’s behalf

it was never commissioned by the council

loading any cancel my other members for the exception of councillor Barker other than the planning committee know about it know that it was going to be discussed at the part 2 items counsellor dealers alluded to

moreover although the report was commissioned on behalf of the council not all councils were originally allowed to access it I understand now this is the case so that it was commissioned by the full council only members of the planning committee were allowed to see it and I’ve been told by Mr Parry that was because they were the only ones who needed to see it in order to carry out their duties however we are the group that commissioned the report if I commissioned a legal report and I didn’t know I commissioned it I never saw it and I didn’t know what it contain I think I would be very stupid

this is the first time a decision to refuse to defend an appeal

Mr rituals works as long as he’s been chief exec has taken place in also can’t be remembered is it never happened before in living memory stick near lots of saving on the council in 1995 it must not be on the plate moreover it is a decision not to defend a committees decision to terminate Hunt houses not just on one occasion run two occasions has been said and can I add the reason why it was called back for a second consideration was partly because it was in a in a time of consultation but the opposite is also stated they wanted to recall members to do this an unprecedented way twice so they could be sure of the grounds for the refusal now we are told that is not possible to defend their refusal in an appeal to authority and not allow secret and covert Processes to undermine out of 30 as

what arises of these issues thank you cousin rich

teaching fellow members we as a council individually jointly and severally come to this building and we deal with very very sometimes mundane matters for the good of the people that we represent we we we we we discuss matters that amount £202 and which may have no significant impact on people’s lives but we do that because we want to do the right thing everyone in the chamber does it whether they be offices of the council members of the council or even remember to pay want to see the right thing done and enormous effort is taken to make sure that the procedure by which that is achieved are correct and that he did seem to be done at those people who should not be voting on particular issues do not vote on particular issues yet here we are

a matter which involve hundreds of homes which involves a very substantial proportion of the housing that we are going for allocating in a particular area over the next period of the plan somehow circumventing at that process and it is something which I would invite you to conclude that was to use the word which I used earlier which someone didn’t understand which have not verified suboptimal it is something that shouldn’t have happened and it’s something that should be allowed to happen again now I know that people are in in dark places using all sorts of phraseology that shouldn’t be used in my experience because I think that there are everybody involved in this process has done their best and they have gone so honestly but the fact is that this process is not something which

would you covered anybody in glory nobody can look at it and say well that’s fantastic wasn’t it a good result and didn’t we all do well because I think the fundamental problems arose in this case you can fax something that people haven’t mentioned yet and that is the underlying decision of the planning committee that is the central problem and I think that part of that problem may have Arisen because members of the planning committee who were minded to refuse this particular decision didn’t necessarily get the assistant that all of us here would have liked them to have in producing stone Cold reasons that any member of bar could recognised as being valid now I’m not going to descend into things that are going to take this matter into part 2 at this stage what I am going to do is the briefly tell you a story about a planning appeal that we all know about and which has been concluded and which possibly be regarded as being within part

and it’s the Benfield green application that was resisted by uttlesford District Council and I have to say I’m not the only person who didn’t think that we did a very good job of defending it and at the was an organisation which I hold is supported apps supported by a number of other people in this room and outside that applied to be Potter whatculture section 9 part is to that application and save Stansted Village did a fantastic job of defending the decision that the planning committee made in that case and indeed despite a lot of difficulty involving inspector we persuaded him collectively councillor doing with their I was there we were there for 3 days we did a fantastic job of defending it but I don’t think the council did because they were falling over themselves some points to make concessions that in my view as a lawyer and as a district councillor I’ve got the point

should not have been made and I think that there are parallels here and I sent an email and I don’t want to stop pointing fingers but I sent it I sent an email to the officers concerned about I copied it to senior councillors and I sort an undertaking even if we were going to go down like a sack of spuds it in respect of this Peter Witcher is a course of action that I personally deprecated but even if we were going to do that that we should actually make a decision to be represented at that peel and ensure that for example planning conditions that are appropriate are insisted upon even if we are going to go down like the proverbial sack of spuds and I have spoken to Mr Mitchell before this meeting and he has told me that it is currently not the council’s intention to do that that are resistant to this will be will be work sorry forgive me but but

I would like that to be a situation where we are seem to be fighting a corner and doing so independently and regardless of what we might be about to decide in terms of the local plan because I think that we up we must be in a situation where are they Council we can resolve that housing should be in a particular place we can do that validly and we must be able to do that without prejudicing the existing planning process so for always reasons I am very I retain an open mind I should say that but I am very concerned about what I’ve been hearing in dark corners and what are they actually heard openly but the level of information that’s been provided ordinary councillors like me have actually I’m afraid on this particular occasion not being as fantastic as it could have been so I’m sorry to be in a Citroen very sorry as a conservative I’m very sorry as a lawyer I’m very sorry as a district councillor

find myself in a situation where for one for one night only I am making the remarks that I am making this evening but I am very very saddened to hear what I hear it’s going to have a major impact on my wall actually I have absolutely no me inst the pudding in my penny worth in any way shape or form until tonight and that’s why I’m putting my pennyworth in now and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do so thank you thank you very much for a couple

why are some of what I’m going to say I realised some people have said before but I’m going to be breathe and coming up for you it is unprecedented for this Council to take a decision love such huge importance and significance to the planning Committee on the 25th of June the planning application was refused twice by the planning committee this council has lost the trust of the community been a total lack of transparency it has left the community which will probably be save our villages to defend a planning decisions on it so what kind of council allowed this to happen the council is saying to the community we are no longer supporting you you are on your own and I agree with councillor Perry purr

the council should remember it is the community that elect the council members not the other way round we are here to support and represent our community that is not the community supporting a representing us thank you

all all I want to do

pop funko I’m going to set this stage on because we’re speaking on the amendments to to to speak against it or to add members to vote down this amendment because there’s a moment despite the advice of Mr. Apparently has given is to me just a simple negation of the original motion because the original motion so that this process wasn’t satisfactory and this amendment says the process of ok carry on guys so I do I do to reject the amendment

the letter that can you hear that I’m pleased to announce I’m not a lawyer but I did attend all three meetings and I think it’s the first meeting they did the planning committee made an error of judgement understood how they did it but they made out of judgement of judgement

Catholic churches thank you German German up really disappointed in some in some of the things I’ve heard and particularly some of the things I’ve read castledene does are on his blog write some pretty outrageous things we’ve already heard from member tonight but cabinet members had no part in this matter didn’t even know about it when we see counsellor Dean saying on his blog that is a politicisation of planning attitude I think that’s actually an insult to the members of the planning committee who take decisions in good faith on every planning application and I think some of the decisions that have been made recently actually reflect that

his blood as a sentence planning and goes on to say and I quote politics in planning is not allowed however Considine ignores the fact that strategic planning policy is very much the province of political debate just as it was for the short time he was leader of the council of the planning committee part of that is another matter and I don’t believe anyone could believe that it is politically driven giving it as I said of man to go to the sum of the decisions made there for capellini should give members of planning committee some credit reaching their own decisions including members of your own group now they’ve been talked about floor decisions bentfield green river course entirely different in County Council Paris FC search for similar present so I didn’t have to look very far because in the local press in the Cambridge news

recently there was a case where Cambridge City Council refuse they planning application three times

I’ll be kategorija what it says it’s just a planning committee refuse to applications but then decided not to defend these applications that appear and then rejected III application only to choose not to defend this either at Costa Council 170000 pounds in costs the planning committee worth the face with this type of giving they reach the advice they reach their decision on the advice they were given and went there for members I think that you should stand behind your planning committee corrected quite properly according to it to our legal officer and dad are planning officers and therefore I should be voting for the amendment

and if he wants to yes we have a second

I’d like to draw a council back to the fact that this original motion and indeed the amendment is is around process team and if we heard and I’ll reiterate the assistant director of planning is perfectly entitled and logistics legally empowered to make a decision not to join the appeal and that decision he took I think correctly then referred that to the planning committee I’m not going to get caught up on words in terms of whether they resolved or whatever but he put it to the planning committee I think that’s a perfect with transparency and death and democracy this evening and I think that was the right decision ironically if you haven’t done that in just made a decision we actually wouldn’t be having a debate tonight so he did that the planning

came to the decision I’m not able with the red the pink papers but I can’t refer to them so I can’t refer to why they came to that decision but they did and that was the process and that is why I support the amendment because we fully endorse the fact that planning committees are independent the executive I never saw the papers Island Dr Susan said and didn’t factor the Catholic church has been absolutely insistent but there isn’t executive influence on planning matters of course the detail of the plan came to this council and we made a decision on that about 3 months ago so at that point we we we we we are in detail planning applications of course we are not a good example from Cambridge City it’s costing a lot of money they’ve been made today basically they have compounded up

and I take care accounts the riches point that they have been problems and I suggest that we don’t compound it any further so if I support the amendment

laptop repair Birmingham City Council ta will keep picking Old Souls because what she said was taken out of context if there’s a site in the local plan and it support is given to a quite a surface with support given them saying they won’t ever be any houses here that’s giving hope where none should necessarily exist one Council said he can’t associate himself with it wouldn’t be that associate himself with his decision had he been there on that point I would say he then he shouldn’t be associated himself with the council person and the Irish referendum question the Irish referendum question we have heard that one councillor requested

the legal opinion so yet another legal opinion until we get the answer you want you can’t keep on the on we acted in good faith on the evidence we had in fact was not a political decision it was the decision of the planning committee and it was quite overwhelming it was it recorded though it’s in a minute

that’s all I can say Gemma thank you thank you very much I’ll take one more cafe really just a clarification this came from the services are the concepts of emotion emotion emotion it should be if this is a conservative motion isn’t bringing politics into I did think that myself but anyway this

the original motion from can I just finish the original motion to me and revolves around something which should unless they happen to mean that deviant replying doesn’t actually have to ask the planning committee for approval to do what he did regardless of the merits of this is the plan in case I’m not going to go into that it would seem to me that the that although they voted it was just Jillian simply an advisory both as I said I’m not going into the the history of the application itself so we have a an amendment to the motion which has been proposed and seconded I would propose that we we vote on that if anybody is unsure of the amendment

there’s only one event but it’s ready to use the council notes at the have you got it in front of you I suggest we suggest we vote on that amendment before proceeding any further so all those in favour of the amendment please so I would have recorded by call your name of your peace in the shape of your voting for against non staining Council artists on the 11th

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Celtic vs Barca for down for the count Council Chambers council of Cheetham Council the baby

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23 x 6

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Hills Road SO23 4th amendment 10 against with six and Pensions before we go to a vote on substantive motion Council what song was eager to speak so I shall allow it

oh actually since you’ve already voted to the amendment my contribution points now

ok anybody else just we now moved to


hi Mum I’m delighted to hear from members across the chamber expressions of reservation about what’s going on I think that’s a laptop no cancel the route I didn’t said it should never happen again and it better not happen again I am greatly concerned that members of this Council think that they are Officers Club course planner to do what they want and to interpret positive things to be negative things and and I do think that there that needs to be looked at very very carefully YouTube true otherwise we’re going to find out cells making decisions here and then offices inside but they’re not going to do it for whatever reason we’ve heard many calls for Greater transparency on and I think that that’s something that I would urge the new leader to be

because although he has on a couple of occasions this evening already said that he feels that this I cancel volumes transparency are thinking practice many of us here and in particular many outside the public don’t recognise that and I think he Falls upon him to do something about it I’ll just pick up one one piece of detail because councillor Kettering quoted a planning application in Cambridge is actually planning application for a set of Victorian villas in Cambridge station Rd Cambridge the situation there was totally different the situation here is that you had her a planning application on the site with no no approved plan which are support sitting Cambridge the application which was this you several times and events he wasn’t supported at appeal was an advocate

refuse which already had planning permission and the planning committee there when looking around about it already so I’m afraid example of councillor ketteridge gave which was also referred to me by Mr Mitchell last week and I did my research and spoke to members of the planning committee no comparison whatsoever so it’s a chairman of the amendments come through I wouldn’t be at least bit surprised if a substantive motion go through but I suppose all those who wish to stand on principle on this matter to vote against the substantive motion missfairy is there a requirement for a call divert on this

who had a recorded bad

the set of the same as for tea just now that is the third motion you have it in front of your body and your name’s if you can’t even take your voting for against towards saving counselor vs counsellor g Barker counsellor sparkle

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council of Chambers councillor Cheetham councillor Davey

councillor Davies councillor Dean council Eastern cancel Eden Council Evans

council of Feltham councillor Foley counsellor Freeman counsellor godman

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councillor drones councillor a ketteridge councillor Jake Etheridge cancel the night

cancel the lemon Chapman counsellor menell

council of Awesome Oliver councillor Paul councillor Perry

councillor Ranger counsellor Redfern Chancellor rich

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councillor Rose counsellor counsellor salmon

Chelsea Smith Chelsea Waters councillor Watson council of wells 34092 Pennsylvania

Germany voting for votes for the motion 9 votes against and 6 extensions I believe that clue concludes the business for this evening I have no other items which I consider urgent thank you for your attendance see you next time

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