Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

The Audiominutes App is pre-configured with a guest account, so testing a broadcast stream is a simple as navigating to the recording page and pressing the record button. You’ll be able to listen to your broadcast stream by following this link

Prepare a Broadcast

If you want to see what happens when you broadcast a meeting, you’ll need to slide out the left hand menu and select ‘Prepare’. You’ll see two pre-populated meetings, select one. This tells our servers which meeting you are about to broadcast. Under normal circumstances, this list will be read from your content management system, so you don’t need to add the information  manually. Any agenda Items are included and so are any assets (Documents, Photographs etc)

Agenda Tagging

Now when you start  broadcasting, you can hit the button for each agenda item as you reach it – we record the time the button was selected so that listeners can skip to that part of the recorded meeting in future.


Once the meeting is over, just select Publish and the recording of the meeting will be available online.


Now if you visit you’ll see the recording of the meeting on the right hand side of the page. Clicking on the link will bring up the player which also shows any assets associated with the archive – these are displayed on separate browser tabs. You can skip backwards and forwards by 30 seconds using the +/- buttons.

Editing Agenda Tags

Sometimes you’ll miss the beginning of an agenda item. Don’t worry, you can fix this later. Just select the meeting to be edited and replay the archive and re-tag the agenda items