Audiominutes Automatic Conferencing System


This tool makes it easy to run an Internet Radio show. As host, you’ll be connected to the system over the Internet. You can invite others to join you as hosts too. When you are connected in this way, you’ll come through at high audio quality. Callers dialling in appear on a control web page – this allows the host to add or mute these callers and play music, jingles and recorded interviews.

System Requirements:

  • A Windows PC
  • A suitable headset with microphone
  • An Internet Connection

Set-up process

  • Plug in the headset into the Windows PC and make sure Windows uses that rather than the built-in microphone and speakers
  • Download the Windows client from (here)
  • Un-zip the AMACS application and save it to your desktop
  • Click on the AMACS icon to run the application

This is what you’ll see:


If the system is working correctly then you’ll see the bar on the left moving up and down as you speak.

Controlling the conference:

On your computer or tablet go to this link, when you are ready, press the broadcast button and the show will start streaming to the Internet and recording. When a new caller arrives you’ll see their telephone number.  Bring them into the show by pressing ‘unmute’, then announce their arrival