Features supported

Live Streaming

audio is down sampled then streamed to our servers for encoding and relaying

Pause and resume function

with notification message

Local back-up

local copy retained on SD Card – ‘time remaining’ displayed

Network recovery

active streams will automatically recover from dropped connections

Level control

level indicators show if the input volume is optimally set

Local File System

for back-up file recovery

All audio files created by the Audiominutes platform are secured using standard data verification tools. A SHA-1 hash value is created for each recording. This is broadcast over our Twitter feed to provide incontrovertible time-stamping.

Audiominutes features a test transmission capability.

SAAS/Tablet Approach 

Audiominutes comprises an Android App and a set of Web Services; simplifying the streaming and recording of public meetings.


The Chairman prepares, produces and publishes the meeting using the App’s simple interface.  The ‘Record’ button toggles the live stream; ‘Mute’ switches from the live stream to a recorded ‘please wait’ message; and ‘Bleep’ replaces the last 2 seconds of audio – just in case.


If appropriate, Audiominutes links to a Committee Management System, so that meetings schedules; agenda items and supporting information can be imported without duplication of effort. A pull-down menu allows listeners to select (and jump to ) the agenda item in which they are most interested, linking to any relevant documents.

Meetings are available for playback from the archive immediately after the live stream ends.

System Set-up check-list

Selected for flexibility, reliability and value for money, Audiominutes; follow these simple steps to start broadcasting:


  Organise line-in audio 3.5 mm 4 pole jack (CITA)
Source Android Tablet (Lenovo TAB A10)
Source 128 MB micro SD Card
 Download Audiominutes from Google Play App store
 Sign service agreement
 Login to Audiominutes from the App
 Test via Guest Account
 Start Broadcasting